REVEALED: The 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2021 in the US - Fair Play Talks (2023)

Cisco was named the best company to work for in the United States; followed by Salesforce in second place and Hilton in third place.

Over half a million U.S. employees participated in this year's determinationfortunaTop 100 companies to work for For the, in partnership with Great Place to Work. Wegmans Food Markets secured fourth place on the list, followed by Rocket Companies, UKG, Texas Health Resources, Camden Property Trust, Capital One and American Express.

So what are the attributes of this yearFortune 100 Best Companies to Work For For thehave in common? Having a culture of high trust was one of the key attributes in earning a spot on the prestigious 2021 list. Generous community giving was another prominent feature of the top 100 companies. Unique perks and rewards that went far beyond the norm were also crucial this year; particularly those implemented to help employees cope with the pandemic. By prioritizing social justice issues and taking a meaningful and consistent stand against racial injustice, the employee experience has also increased. especially among black employees. In fact, around 71% of successful employers performed better on employee experience than they did before the pandemic, Great Place to Work confirmed.


Great Place to Work, the global authority on workplace culture, compiles the list each year through rigorous analysis of Trust Index employee survey data. Among other things, it asked employees how trustworthy, considerate and fair their employer is in times of crisis; the physical, emotional and financial health of employees; and the company's impact on the community. Special attention was paid to how employee experiences differ based on their role, gender, ethnicity and salary status; and other qualities to ensure the company creates a great place to work for everyone.

This year, 60% of each company's score was based on confidential employee feedback. The remaining 40% was based on programs each company said it had created to support its employees and communities in response to the pandemic. This methodology represents a change in response to the unique circumstances of 2020.


2021Top 100 companies to work for For theList in the US showed that trust is important for employees. About 71% of the companies on this year's list saw their trust index scores increase from last year; increased by an average of 3%. "These companies have shown heroic efforts to care for their employees, customers and our communities during a difficult year," said Michael C. Bush, CEO of Great Place to Work. “Notably, our research found that the overall employee experience increased in these workplaces; a testament to the resilience of its inclusive and trusting culture.”

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Based on confidential employee surveys conducted during the pandemic, workplaces that put employee health first – both physical and psychological – have seen record jumps in employee experience scores. Companies whose employee confidence has increased during the pandemic are characterized by widespread trust in colleagues and their leaders. Additionally, 72% of employees at winning companies trust their leadership teams.


The companies that secured a spot on this year's list went beyond compensation with exclusive benefits. and leaders who show exceptional diligence and a clear vision for the future. That year, too, employee benefits and compensation, such as the provision of substitute daycare and hazardous-duty pay for front-line workers, were "repeated" by other companies.

Employee experience has reached record highs, even in industries hardest hit by Covid-19. Many of the companies on this year's list operate in industries that have been hit hard by the pandemic. For example, Texas Health Resources, a not-for-profit healthcare system based in Arlington, Texas, is #7 on the list; and global hotel chain Hilton secured the #3 spot. Companies like Texas Health have excelled in connecting their employees with a sense of purpose. Texas Health, a hospital on the front lines of the health disaster, had 87% of employees saying it was a great place to work during the pandemic.

Texas Health CEO Barclay Berdan was thrilled to see how the people he leads did all they could during a once-in-a-lifetime crisis. "It's not really just a job. For many, if not most, it's a calling," commented Barclay. "I suffocate almost every day."

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Corporate Social Responsibility separated the top 100 companies from other organizations. A key feature of this year's list is generous donations of time, corporate resources and funds to social justice and pandemic relief efforts. For example, Camden Property Trust, which owns and manages 165 residential communities across the United States, has established a rent deferral program for its tenants to apply for grants of up to $2,000.

"We felt we had to do something, and do something big," said CEO and President Ric Campo. Camden, the No. 8 company, invested $10.4 million in the fund; including $1 million straight from the pockets of Campo and executive vice chairman Keith Oden.

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Employees place a higher value on two-way communication and leadership integrity. In the survey questions examining employees' perceptions of management, the top 100 companies saw a 5-6 point increase in the metrics of two-way communication, integrity, and competence -- essential leadership qualities for navigating a crisis.

After the murder of George Floyd, Nationwide - number 25 on the list - donated $1 million to social justice organizations. They also donated $1 million to the National Fair Housing Alliance. Nationwide also saw an impressive increase in employee values. In addition to its financial contributions to meet the 2020 needs, Nationwide held a “Unity Day” for employee discussions on racial injustice and instituted a program to engage civil rights speakers. Amid these efforts, survey results for black employees are up 9%, so 92% of black employees now say it's a great place to work. For comparison, in the average US workplace, only 49% of employees across all demographics say their workplace is great. Nationwide's Black Employee scores an impressive 16 points for 90% on whether "my job has special meaning."


top 10 employers:

1. Cisco
2. Sales force
3. Hilton
4. Wegmans Food Markets Inc.
5. Rocket companies
6. United Kingdom
7. Texas Health Resources
8. Camden Property Trust
9. Capital One Financial Corporation
10. American Express

First, Cisco tops this year's list for "managing the pandemic better than most." As the world began to shut down, Cisco said it postponed previously announced layoffs and extended wages and benefits for affected workers.fortuna🇧🇷 In fact, Cisco continued to pay hourly workers even when office closures prevented them from working. The tech company has placed a strong focus on employee wellness by increasing communications, expanding benefits, and providing access to mental health services, as well as multiple "me days" for employees to retreat and re-energize. The leadership team's exceptional attention to the health and well-being of not only its employees, but also the surrounding community helped earn it the top spot on this year's list.


Salesforce is "honored" to be named to the list for the thirteenth consecutive year. It hit number one on the charts last year. This year, it secured number 2 on the list. The software giant's efforts to help people inside and outside the company amid the pandemic helped secure its top 10 position this year. Salesforce has donated more than 60 million pieces of safety equipment to healthcare professionals and their communities. It also donated nearly $30 million to small businesses, marginalized communities and schools.

REVEALED: The 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2021 in the US - Fair Play Talks (5)

For its employees, Salesforce allowed parents to take up to six additional weeks off and offered $500 a month for childcare and educational resources. The company recently announced that it would permanently give employees the opportunity to work remotely. Salesforce also took the 2020 race bill seriously by creating a Racial Justice Task Force that includes members from across the organization.


The Hilton hotel chain secured third place on the list, despite being among the hardest hit in the early days of the pandemic, when travel ground to a halt. The company laid off approximately 45,000 employees and laid off 20% of its corporate workforce. But despite these difficult decisions, the company treated its employees with "dignity and compassion". He connected former Hilton employees with short-term jobs new to the pandemic economy; and expanded hotel rewards benefits such as the Hilton Honors program and eligibility for the network's Team Member Travel Program beyond the date a departing employee would normally lose them, according to Fortune.

American Express ranks 10th in 2021 List marks the company's second consecutive year in the top 10. This placement reflects American Express's strong focus on empowering colleagues and providing opportunities to learn, grow and pursue a meaningful and unique career. The rating, based largely on employee feedback, underscores "our unwavering commitment to fostering an inclusive and diverse environment where colleagues feel seen, heard and truly belong," the company said.


Financial services firm Edward Jones secured a spot in the Top 100 for the 22nd time. This year, it secured 20th place in the prestigious 2021 list it was founded on – and these core values ​​never change, even though the way we work has changed during the pandemic,” said Kristin Johnson, Director of Human Resources at Edward Jones.

“The past year's unique circumstances have helped in many ways to unite our company in our purpose to improve the lives of our customers and colleagues, and together, improve our communities and society. We work together to create a deep sense of belonging where our people can make a meaningful difference.”

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Synchrony, another financial services company that focused on “caring for others” as its first core value when it was founded seven years ago, secured a spot at number 37 on the list this year; up from 44 in 2020. He has earned a spot on this coveted list four years in a row. At a time marked by pandemics and social unrest, Synchrony has proven how the simple yet powerful act of caring can make a company a great place to work, the company said. Its swift action in the face of an unprecedented pandemic and its unwavering support for social justice issues showed that the company cares deeply about the well-being of employees and their deepest communities.

"We said from the beginning that we wanted Synchrony to be a great company and a great company that always puts people first," said Brian Doubles, President and CEO of Synchrony. "This Fortune and Great Place to Work recognition recognizes the culture we work so hard to build."

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The Synchrony culture was particularly evident during the 2020 events. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the leadership team has prioritized the health, safety and well-being of employees; Quickly make the decision to move your entire workforce, including thousands of contact center employees, home in less than two weeks. There are also plans to continue the "work from home" option after Covid-19.


In response to the pandemic, Synchrony has improved its real-time employee benefits, including extending emergency response benefits to 60 days; including child care and elderly care. Launched a virtual summer camp and tutoring after school. Additionally, Synchrony has distributed hundreds of Chromebooks to employees to ensure their children have school supplies. Support for employee wellness and mental health has also been enhanced through the provision of wellness coaches and mental health consultants, among a host of other benefits. In addition to the pandemic, Synchrony responded quickly to the social justice movement in 2020 and extended its industry-leading commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Global human resources firm Robert Half also secured a spot on the list this year (#78). "Our talented people have always been key to our success and what makes our company a great place to work," said Keith Waddell, CEO of Robert Half. "This recognition is proof that our enduring core values ​​and solid foundation drive the success of our colleagues, clients and candidates."

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"We are very proud of this achievement," added Lynne Smith, Senior Vice President of Global Human Resources at Robert Half. “As a professional services company, we put our people and their experience as Robert Half employees first. This recognition, which selects winners based on employee responses to questions about diversity, trust and values, builds on our comprehensive employee programs and the long-standing principles that guide our company.”

The Zillow Group, which is transforming the way people buy, sell, rent and finance homes, was also recognized as one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For (#47). In fact, 95% of Zillow employees said Zillow is a great place to work - 36 percentage points higher than the average for US companies. When the pandemic hit the United States, Zillow made quick decisions to ensure employees could manage their lives and work amidst great uncertainty. The company has established policies to ensure employee safety, support and productivity.


Zillow was one of the first companies to announce expanded work-from-home options for its thousands of employees, and the company has since set the standard for what post-pandemic work looks like. Its new distributed workforce model builds on the elements of its culture that attract and keep employees; Creating a more inclusive, personalized, flexible and efficient way of working.

REVEALED: The 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2021 in the US - Fair Play Talks (9)

“The best workplaces meet people where they are and set them up for success. In that sense, 2020 was a true year of color. Office perks like candy walls and views of skyscrapers suddenly became less important, and a company's culture and values ​​became the focus," said Dan Spaulding, director of people at the Zillow Group. "Zillow has always been a great place to work because of the people who work here – bold thinkers and culture makers who reinvent real estate and help clients see the next chapter in life. Receiving this award, especially at this time, reflects the deep and Zillow's unwavering commitment to its employees.”

Click here to see the complete list offortunaTop 100 companies to work for For the.

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