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Also known as the European Capital of Culture, Vienna is a city of unmistakable charm, liveliness and flair. It has excellent infrastructure, is clean and safe and provides the necessary motivation to visit this beautiful part of Europe. Vienna is a dream city for anyone with a romantic flair or an interest in history. There are several ways to visit. Follow in the footsteps of Sissi and Emperor Franz Josef, stroll through small medieval streets and royal squares and admire the Sch.ÖVisit Nbrunn Palace or Hofburg Palace and admire the beautiful splendor of the Ringstrasse. Be inspired by historical surroundings, yet with the comforts and facilities of a modern metropolis! Vienna has a lively and diverse range of cultural attractions. Whether it's traditional or experimental theatre, film or dance festival, opera or operetta, exhibitions and concerts, no matter when you arrive or how long you stay, you're guaranteed to discover something new. Alternatively, if you are less culturally demanding, you can enter one of Vienna's famous coffee houses or traditional wine taverns ('Heurige') and sample some of the city's most famous gastronomic specialties.


You'll get the CharterJets Inc. experience on your next private jet charter to Vienna (LOWW), curated and customized for every flight. With over a century of aviation experience, we guarantee that from the first inquiry to arrival at your final destination, your experience will be the most stress-free part of your day. Enter your travel dates and your dedicated Aviation Advisor will simplify all your travel needs, supported by 24/7 operations and concierge teams to coordinate every detail and request.


Thanks to our exclusive agreements with some of the industry's leading operators, our customers benefit from the highest safety-rated aircraft and crew available, from turboprops to commercial aircraft.Since there are many private planes in the area, we have had great success matching empty planes and also using planes that are in the area to reduce costs.


Most planes have what are known as "standard supplies" on board, which are snacks such as chips, pretzels, cereal, etc., as well as alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and water. If you have any special requests, please let us know as we can't wait to create the next lifetime memory on your next trip toWien. Aircraft amenities can range from Wi-Fi, digital entertainment systems, video conferencing, showers and even external cameras for viewing on internal screens – these are just a few of the extras available on equipped aircraft. In-flight meetings or conference calls are extremeproductiveSome of the planes have the fastest WiFi speeds in the sky or you can enjoy the quietest cabins where you can just relax with a glass of champagneSoEnjoy the view above 40,000 feet. Whatever your wish,we will bring it to life.


Our greatest asset at CharterJets Inc. is our team. We are grateful to have such a passionate group of aviation professionals who has many years of industry experience, market knowledge and an innate understanding of requirementsToto ensure maximum security at all times.We work with such demanding clients as Fortune 500 companies, governments and leading NGOs etc. We also have an incredible international team who work diligently with governments and embassies to obtain all necessary permits such as landing permits and overflight permits etc. as well as immigration permits for passengers and crew. Our team has extensive experience with ever-changing immigration requirements around the world and has excellent working relationships with foreign authorities.

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All aspects of CharterJets Inc. Experience, from your initial inquiry to delivery at your final destination, is a reflection of our passion and a source of pride at CharterJets. Our pilots are Wyvern and/or ARG/US qualified and have flown thousands of hours in the aircraft we have for each of your trips. Please contact us anytime if you need help arranging a private jet charter to Vienna. Your aviation advisor will be happy to help you with your upcoming travels.

Fly East. flight time passengers Estimated costs
heavy jet aircraft LIFE - EDC11:20
EDC - UVF05:15
8-19 162.100 USD *
Ultra-long-range jet aircraft LIFE - EDC11:20
EDC - UVF05:10
8-17 162.100 USD *

*Estimated price before taxes and fees.



-VIE / LOWW, Vienna Airport,1300 Schwechat, Austria

-LOAV, Bad Vöslau Airport,Airport VÖslau, 2540 Bad VÖSlau, Austria

-LOXT, Brumowski Air Base / Tulln Langenlebarn Air Base, Langenlebarn, Østrig

-LOAU, Stockerau Airport,Senningerstraße 59, 2000 Stockerau, Austria

-LOAN, Wiener Neustadt Ost airport,Viktor Lang-Straße 12, 2700 Wiener Neustadt, Austria

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-LOXN, Wiener Neustadt West Airport,2700 Wiener Neustadt, Austria

-LOAG, USFC Krems /Krems-Langenlois airport,Flughafenstrasse 15, 3500 Krems an der Donau, Austria


The Ritz Carlton, Wien|Schubertring 5-7, 1010 Vienna, Austria|+43 1 31188|

Park Hyatt Wien|Am Hof ​​​​2, 1010 Vienna, Austria|+43 1 227401234|

Hotel Imperial|informrntner Ring 16, 1015 Vienna, Austria|+43 1 501100|

Grand Hotel Vienna|informrntner Ring 9, 1010 Vienna, Austria|+43 1 515800|

Palais Coburg|Coburgbastei 4, 1010 Vienna, Austria|+43 1 518180|

Hotel Sacher Vienna|Philharmoniker Str. 4, 1010 Vienna, Austria|+43 1 514560|

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Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna|Schottenring 24, 1010 Vienna, Austria|+43 1 2361000|

Hotel Bristol, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Wien|informrntner Ring 1, 1010 Vienna, Austria|+43 1 515160|

Hotel Grand Ferdinand Vienna|Schubertring 10-12, 1010 Vienna, Austria|+43 1 91880|

Hotel Sans Souci Wien|Burggasse 2, 1070 Vienna, Austria|+43 1 5222520|


-Silvio Nickol |Coburgbastei 4, 1010 Vienna, Austria|+43 1 51818130|

-Restaurant Konstantin Filippou |Dominikanerbastei 17, 1010 Vienna, Austria|+43 1 5122229|

Steirereck|Am Heumarkt 2A, 1030 Vienna, Østrig|+43 1 7133168|

Restaurant Amador|Grinzinger Str. 86, 1190 Vienna, Austria|+43 660 9070500|

Salted semolina|Marc-Aurel-Strassee 6, 1010 Vienna, Austria|+43 1 5334030|

Pramerl and the wolf| PRamergasse 21, 1090 Vienna, Austria|+43 1 9464139|

[aend]|Mollardgasse 76, 1060 Vienna, Austria|+43 1 5953416|


High Wall Eng|Mauerbachstrasse 174/184, 1140 Vienna, Austria|+43 1 9346711|

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Unterberg ski area|Raimundgasse 18, 2763 Pernitz, Austria|+43 2632 72438|-Unterberg |Thal 48, 2763 Thal, Austria |+43 676 7224221|

Zauberberg Semmering|Carolusstrasse 3, 2680 Semmering-Kurort, Austria|+43 2664 8038|

Schiwiese Markt Piesting|Talgasse 7-9, 2753 Markt Piesting, Austria|+43 660 8365101|

Wunderwiese|Losenheimer Str. 87, 2734 Puchberg am Schneeberg, Austria|+43 2636 366194|


Art History Museum Vienna|Maria-Theresien-Platz, 1010 Vienna, Ostrig|+43 1 525240|

Albertine|Albertinapl. 1, 1010 Vienna, Austria|+43 1 53483|

Belvedere Slot|Prinz Eugen-Strasse 27, 1030 Vienna, Austria|+43 1 795570|

Natural History Museum in Vienna|Burgring 7, 1010 Vienna, Austria|+43 1 521770|

museumsplads|Michael's Dome, 1010 Vienna, Austria|+43 1 5337570|


palm house gardens|SchÖnbrunner slotstraße 47, Kastanienallee,1130 Vienna, Austria|+43 1 8775087|

Botanical Garden at the University of Vienna|Rennweg 14, 1030 Vienna, Austria|+43 1 427754100|

Alpengarten im Belvedere|Landstrasse, 1030 Vienna, Austria|+43 664 8198312|

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Requested private jets to Vienna

Citation CJ3+ Seats - 7Range - 2,040 nm / 2,348 mi / 3,779 km Take-off distance - 3,180 ft / 969 mBaggage capacity - 75 cu ft / 2.12 cum Legacy 600 Seats - 13 Range - 3,400 nm / 3,900 mi / 6,300 km Take-off distance - 5,741 ft / 1,750 m Luggage capacity - 286 cu ft / 8.10 cu m Global 6000 seats - 16 Range - 6,000 nm / 6,905 mi / 11,113 km Take-off distance - 6,476 ft / 1,974 m Luggage capacity - 195 cu ft / 5.52 cu m

Requested private jets from Vienna

Eclipse 550 Seats - 4 Range - 1,125 nm / 1,295 mi / 2,084 km Takeoff Distance - 2,433 ft / 742 m Luggage Capacity - 26 cu ft / 0.74 cum Hawker 750 seats - 8Range - 2,116 nm / 2,435 mi / 3,919 km Take-off distance - 5,032 ft / 1,534 m Luggage capacity - 79 cu ft / 2.24 cu m Global 5000 seats - 16 Range - 4,800 nm / 5,524 mi / 8,890 km Take-off distance - 5,540 ft / 1,689 m Luggage capacity - 195 cu ft / 5.52 cu m
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What is the average cost of a private jet charter? ›

Flights on private jets are charged by the hour. Prices vary depending on the size of the plane, the length of the flight and the number of people on board. The typical cost is between $2,000 and $11,000 per billable hour to charter a private jet.

Who is the best private jet charter company? ›


What is the difference between private charter and private jet? ›

Private Charter

Also defined as private jet charter or air charter, it's when an individual rents an entire aircraft (chartering) as opposed to purchasing individual seats on a commercial airline (purchasing a first-class ticket through any major commercial airline). This is the service we provide.

How much does it cost to charter a private Boeing 777? ›

Boeing 777-300 Private Charter Flights and Prices

The average hourly rental rate of the Boeing 777-300 is around 28,500 USD per hour.

Is it cheaper to rent a private jet? ›

Cost savings: Renting a private jet is significantly more economical than buying your own plane. When you charter, you'll pay only for the flights you use, rather than for the entire purchase price of an aircraft that may spend much of its time sitting in the hangar.

Is it cheaper to fly in a private jet? ›

Not only are private flights often more affordable than commercial flights, but you can also enjoy your flight in unparalleled luxury. However, before you book a private jet charter there are a few things you need to know about the cost of flying private.

How much does NetJets cost for 25 hours? ›

With a NetJets card, you get 25, 50, or 100 hour blocks of flight time - depending on which card you choose. Prices vary depending on factors such as location and aircraft size, but these cards generally start around $100,000 for a 25-hour block.

What private jet company do the Kardashians use? ›

The reality star worked with two designers to make her dream jet, including Tommy Clements and Waldo Fernandez. Tommy owns Clements Designs, a Los Angeles-based company known for its “easy glamour and grand intimacy” in interior design. Fernandez is also Los Angeles-based and holds Waldo's Designs.

What is the most luxurious private jet company? ›

VistaJet. Perhaps the most luxurious private-jet company that exists, VistaJet has set new standards for the industry. Its charismatic founder, entrepreneur Thomas Flohr, created VistaJet in response to the terrible experiences he had chartering private jets.

Is it cheaper to fly first class or private jet? ›

First-class may be much more affordable than a private jet if you fly overseas. Flying first-class is generally less expensive than buying a seat on a charter jet if you fly alone.

Is it cheaper to fly private or commercial? ›

Private jet charters are much more expensive than commercial flights because of some advantages and conveniences. Many charter flights are based on a fixed hourly fee. The booking process and flight details can be controlled online or by phone call.

Do private jets fly faster than commercial? ›

Private aircraft can travel faster than commercial airliners. Part of this has to do with the weight of the jet itself. Private jets weigh less than large commercial aircraft, allowing them to ascend and descend faster than commercial jet.

How much is a BBJ per hour? ›

Amenities vary by layout, but full private bedrooms, office spaces, lavatories, and even showers are available. The BBJ aims to have the atmospheric feel of a home away from home or an office in the sky. The average hourly rental rate of the Boeing Business Jet is around 13,650 USD per hour.

What is the cheapest way to charter a plane? ›

What is the cheapest way to fly private? The cheapest way to fly private is to book semi-private flights using the "pay by the seat" model. With companies such as JSX, Tradewinds Aviation, and Surf Air, you can get a private jet-like experience for just a couple hundred dollars!

Is it cheaper to charter a plane or helicopter? ›

Group Size and Cost: Private jets are generally larger and can accommodate more passengers than helicopters, making them ideal for larger groups or families. However, they are classically (but not always) also more expensive to charter than helicopters due to their larger size and more complex technology.

How much do private jet pilots make? ›

Private Jet Pilot Salary
Annual SalaryMonthly Pay
Top Earners$95,000$7,916
75th Percentile$61,000$5,083
25th Percentile$34,000$2,833

How safe are private jets? ›

On a commercial aircraft, there are fewer than 0.01 fatalities per 100,000 hours of flying. On a private plane, that number jumps to 2.3 fatalities per 100,000 hours flown.

How rich do you have to be to afford a private jet? ›

The typical owner of large luxury private jet has a net worth between $60 million and $70 million. The average wealth of owners of midrange and super-midsize aircraft is around $120 million.

Can you buy a seat on a private jet? ›

Seat sharing services allow travellers to buy seats on a per person basis, on a private aircraft, whether it's on a bespoke charter flight or on a pre-determined route (a shuttle). This can bring the cost of the flight down considerably. However, there are downsides to these type of flight services.

How much is Uber jets? ›

From $1,750 per month fliers enjoy unlimited travel, with up to 90 flights going out per day.

How much was Kim Kardashian's private jet? ›

Kim Kardashian's strict rules for passengers boarding her $150 million private jet.

Do you tip Netjet pilots? ›

Should I tip my private jet pilot? It's up to you. However, as Joel Thomas, founder of Stratos Jet Charters says, “A tip is a gesture showing gratitude for someone who has not merely done their job but done their job in such a way that their passion shines through. Tips are not expected, but always appreciated.”

How much is a 100 hour jet card? ›

The 100-hour Phenom 300 card is priced at $6,759 per hour. Like all NetJets cards, deicing, catering, guaranteed WiFi and pets are included. Is NetJets worth the price?

Does Warren Buffet own a private jet? ›

Warren Buffett bought his first private jet in 1986 and upgraded to a much pricier one in 1989. Buffett and his business partner, Charlie Munger, clashed over the extravagant purchases. The investor changed his plane's nickname from “The Indefensible” to “The Indispensable.”

What type of plane does Elon Musk have? ›

His personal jet, a Gulfstream G650ER with the call sign and tail number N628TS, completed a total of 134 flights in 2022, according to information compiled by Jack Sweeney, who runs a Twitter account tracking its movements.

What kind of private jet does Oprah have? ›

Gulfstream G650

Oprah Winfrey is perhaps best known for being the host of one of the most-watched television talk shows The Oprah Winfrey Show, which ran for 25 years and regularly reached 50 million viewers.

Does John Travolta own a private jet? ›

The movie star reportedly owns at least seven jets along with other smaller aircraft. John Travolta is much more than just a Hollywood star. The actor is known for his love of aviation and has several jets in his private portfolio.

What is the most sought after private jet? ›

Boeing Business Jet 747-8i - 403 million

As the largest private jet in the world, “The Queen of the Skies” comes with a $403 million dollar price tag. It doesn't take long to see why.

Who owns the richest private jet? ›

Joseph Lau owns the biggest private jet on earth. The business tycoon's private plane is worth $367 million. However, the aircraft was originally priced at $153 million, but the price increased after Lau added modifications to it, worth $214.

Do rich people rent private jets? ›

Ever wanted to charter a private jet? Everyone knows that the super-rich has their own private jets and fly them around the world in luxury James Bond style. But not all of the private jets are owned by the rich - some are chartered.

Can private jets fly internationally? ›

Can A Private Charter Fly Internationally? Private jets can, like airlines, indeed fly internationally, though there are important differences between international private charter and airline flights.

Is first class worth it for 5 hour flight? ›

First class cabins are built for comfort, luxury and convenience. You'll find you have much more space when flying first class, and you'll notice much more ease of access too, such as all seats having direct access to the aisle. So 'is first class worth it for the comfort and space? ' – YES!

Do pilots get free first class flights? ›

Free Flights

As well as ID90 travel, some airlines offer their pilots a number of 'confirmed tickets' for free every year. This will usually guarantee a seat on the aircraft and would usually be for a seat in First or Business Class.

Do celebrities go through airport security? ›

When asked how celebrities travel on planes, Teigen responded by saying that, “There is a terminal a mile from the airport that you pay membership for. They do the same security privately and take you to the plane in a car,” she commented, adding “I know. I know.”

How much is a 20 seater private jet? ›

20 seater private jet cost can vary greatly. from the cheapest pre-owned model to the latest and most expensive private jet for 4 passengers. Price ranges are typically between $5,000,000 and $50,000,000.

How many people can go on a private jet? ›

Similar to commercial planes, large private jets can hold more people and typically seat up to 20 passengers. Mid-size charter flights can seat between 8 and 12 passengers and small flights seat closer to 6.

Do private jets go through customs? ›

When travelling on an international jet charter for the first time some passengers wonder whether or not the process is the same as it is when flying commercially. The short answer is: yes, you must still go through customs/immigration when flying internationally on a private jet charter.

Are there showers on private planes? ›

Cabin configurations can vary and some private owners include multiple bathrooms, with spa facilities and even a Turkish bath. But more often there is a toilet and shower available mid-cabin and, for more privacy, another ensuite attached to the VIP bedroom in the aft section of the aircraft.

How many hours can private jet fly? ›

But if you can fly direct – does that mean you can fly nonstop? Let's see some averages!
Private JetMax RangeMax Flight Time
Light Jet1000-1800 miles3-4 hours
Midsize Jet2000-3000 miles4-6 hours
Super Midsize Jet3000-4000 miles5-7 hours
Large Cabin Jet4000+ miles6-10+ hours
2 more rows

How much does a 2 hour private jet cost? ›

Midsize or Super Midsize Jets cost between $3,200 and $6,000 per hour. Large and Ultra Long Range Jets cost between $5,600 and $11,000 per hour within the US, and possibly higher internationally.

How much per hour is NetJets? ›

NetJets Pricing 2022

For 2021, NetJets repriced its jet cards. The Phenom 300 Elite Card went to $7,516 per hour ($187,900 for 25 hours). The Classic version for the Embraer light jet is $8,836 per hour ($220,900 for 25 hours). Both include Federal Excise Tax and there are no fuel surcharges.

How much is a G700 Gulfstream? ›

Those are the capabilities offered by the $75 million, 7,500-nautical mile-range G700, which Gulfstream unveiled in 2019 and expects to enter service in 2022.

How much is a seat on a private jet? ›

How much does it cost to charter a private plane? Calculating the costs per hour, you can expect to pay between $1,300 to $3,000 for a small private plane that can seat between four and six passengers. On a midsize aircraft able to accommodate nine passengers, expect to pay between $4,000 and $8,000 per hour.

What is the best private jet company? ›


Do you need a passport if you fly private internationally? ›

Passports and Visas Are Required

When it comes to flying internationally on a private jet, the same rules apply for passports and visas as they would on a commercial flight. These are not required as part of the airline, but for entry into a country.

How much does it cost to charter a jet to Europe? ›

Mid-Size Jets, $4,000USD / hour. Super Midsize Jets, $5,000USD / hour. Heavy Jet, $6,000USD / hour. Ultra Long Range Jet, $8,000USD / hour.

Is private jet safer than helicopter? ›

Helicopter Safety and Regulations

Statistically, helicopter charters carry a little more risk than private jets and commercial airliners and they're governed by fewer regulations.

Is it cheaper to fly private? ›

The full private jet experience is more likely to come at a premium price, but for many people and businesses, this can prove worthwhile. Wealthy business owners may find they make a better return on their time and money by flying privately than they would by flying a commercial airline.

How much does it cost to charter a private jet for 10 people? ›

Midsize jets can seat up to 10 passengers and cost between $3,000 to $6,000 per hour. Large jets seat 10+ people and cost $5,000 to $11,000, while VIP airliners can seat anywhere from 16 to 80 people and cost $15,000 upwards per hour.

How much is a private jet per hour? ›

Calculating the costs per hour, you can expect to pay between $1,300 to $3,000 for a small private plane that can seat between four and six passengers. On a midsize aircraft able to accommodate nine passengers, expect to pay between $4,000 and $8,000 per hour.

How much does it cost to charter a 747? ›

Boeing 747-400 Private Charter Flights and Prices

The average hourly rental rate of the Boeing 747-400 is around 30,950 USD per hour.

How much is a private jet for 4 hours? ›

Midsize or Super Midsize Jets cost between $3,200 and $6,000 per hour. Large and Ultra Long Range Jets cost between $5,600 and $11,000 per hour within the US, and possibly higher internationally.

Why do rich people buy private jets? ›

Perception of safety. Managing risk is a common skill for the wealthy and often a high-end traveller will consider private travel to be safer than a commercial offering. The report claimed that the two dominant factors are the age of the plane and the visual condition of both its exterior and cabin.

Who is the typical owner of a private jet? ›

Private jet use has become more popular than ever. But who are the owners of the luxury aircraft? Members of the "jet-owning oligarchy" have a median net worth of $190 million, a new report says. The typical private jet owner is a North American male over 50 who works in finance or real estate.

Why do rich people fly private jets? ›

International flights require you to show up hours before take-off. Private jet charters are a hundred times more flexible. You'll have a take-off time pencilled in, but you don't need to show up until you're about to leave. It also lets rich people avoid sitting in overcrowded lounges.

How much do you tip a private pilot? ›

There is no expectation to tip a pilot, especially if there is a cabin attendant aboard. Pilots are paid a private jet pilot salary, and the larger the aircraft, the more they earn.

How much is 25 hours private jet? ›

Prices & Services

An entry-level prepaid fractional jet card providing 25 hours of flight time on a light jet will cost between US $185,000 to $215,000. Added to this base price are taxes such as Federal Excise Tax (FET), and sometimes fuel surcharges.

What private jet Do Kardashians use? ›

The Rules In Place On Kim Kardashian's Exclusive Gulfstream G650ER Private Jet. The billionaire designed it with plenty of cashmere.

Who owns most expensive jet in the world? ›

The United States Air Force owns the most expensive private jet in the world: the Air Force One, which costs an estimated $660 million.


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