How to Restore Deleted Files from Recycle Bin (2023)

There is a very important reason why Microsoft called this toolwaste paper binand not themdestroyer- As long as you haven't emptied it, it's easy to recover files from the Recycle Bin in Windows.

We've all accidentally deleted files or simply changed our minds about whether we need a specific file or folder. So don't be too hard on yourself if you now question the last deletion. These steps should apply to all Windowsoperating systemsthat use the Recycle Bin, including Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and more.

How to recover deleted files from recycle bin

Required time: Recovering deleted files should only take a few minutes, but it mainly depends on how quickly you can find the files you want to recover and their size.

Follow these simple steps to restore files deleted from Recycle Bin to their original locations on your computer:

  1. Open the Recycle Bin by double-clicking or double-tapping the desktop icon.

    How to Restore Deleted Files from Recycle Bin (1)

    can't you find it For more information, see the instructions at the bottom of the page.

  2. Locate and select the files and/or folders that you need to restore.

    To select more than one file or folder, press and holdctrlbutton during selection. To select a range of items, useTo change.

    Recycle Bin does not show files contained in deleted folders that you can see. Remember, if you can't find a file you know you've deleted - it could be in aPastaThey deleted instead. Of course, restoring the folder will restore all the files in it. To see what files are in a deleted folder before you restore it, read thecommand linesteps below.

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    Windows does not provide a way to recover files deleted by emptying the Recycle Bin. If you really deleted a file in Windows, aFile Recovery Programcan maybe help youundeleteThis. SeeHow to recover deleted filesfor a start-to-finish tutorial on how to deal with this issue.

  3. Note orOriginal locationof the files you are recovering to know where they will end up.

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    You only see this location when you view the Recycle Bin in the Details view (you can change this view in theSeeMenu).

  4. Right-click or tap and hold the selection and selectrestore something.

    How to Restore Deleted Files from Recycle Bin (4)

    Another way to restore the selection is to drag it out of thewaste paper binwindow and in a folder of your choice. This will force the file to be restored to the location you chose.

    If you use the Restore option (don't drag it), all files will be restored to their respective locations. In other words, you can recover all files at once, but that doesn't mean they will be moved to the same folder unless they were deleted from the same folder, of course.

  5. Wait while Recycle Bin recovers deleted files.

    How long this takes mainly depends on how many files you are recovering and how big they are all together, but computer speed also plays a role here.

  6. Make sure the recovered files and folders are in the locations you were shown in step 3 or where you dragged them in step 4.

  7. now you can gowaste paper binwhen you're done restoring.

How to recover a specific file from a deleted folder

Most people can probably recover a folder without knowing what files are in it, but if you're curious about what you want to recover or just want to recover a selected file or two from the deleted folder, you can do it withcommand prompt.

  1. Open Command Prompt. A quick way to do this is to open the Run With dialog box.WIN+Rand then entercmd.

  2. Enter the following and pressEnter:


    The text on the left side of the input area should now appearC:\>.

  3. Enter the following string and then pressEnter:


    How to Restore Deleted Files from Recycle Bin (5)

    If you get an error message, try a different one.command, DishesRecycling-CDorCD-Recycler.

    Unfortunately, the exact command is different in different versions of Windows.

  4. Enter the following followed byEnter:


    All deleted files will be listed in Command Prompt window. If there are folders in the recycle bin, those files (and their original filenames) are also displayed.

  5. Find the folder name.

    At the command prompt, the folder name doesn't match what's shown in the recycle bin. have folder"

    To find the correct folder, scroll through the command prompt until you see a list of files you suspect are in the folder you want to restore. You'll see the folder name at the top of this section next to your "Directory from". Line.

  6. ArtCD, create a space, and then press the keyAbaPress repeatedly to cycle through all folders in the recycle bin.

    The point here is to find the one that lists the directory you identified in step 5. In our example (see screenshot below), the directory ends with "1002" (top section), so we press nextAbauntil we find it.

    How to Restore Deleted Files from Recycle Bin (6)

    What you do here is find the specific folder that contains the actual folder you want to access. In other words, the deleted folder you see in few steps is actually a subfolder in Recycle Bin, you just don't notice it in Recycle Bin folder.

  7. PressEnter.

  8. ArtCD, create a space, and then use theAbaKey again until you find the folder containing the deleted files you want to identify.

    In the example image, our folder is called$R0035T3.

    How to Restore Deleted Files from Recycle Bin (7)

  9. PressEnter.

    You are now in the folder with the deleted files that you want to scan.

  10. Artdirand pressureEnter.

    This will show the deleted files in the deleted folder.

  11. Use oCopy commandto copy the deleted file from the deleted folder to the folder of your choice.

    In our example, we would type this because we want to copy thisBMPFile in the desktop folder:

  12. PressEnter.

    The command completed successfully if you type "<#> copied file(s)" Message.

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  13. To restore other files from the same folder, repeat step 11 and step 12.

How to show or "show" the program/trash bin icon

no trashto haveconstantly sitting at the Windows desktop. Although it is certainly an integrated part of the operating system and therefore cannot be uninstalled, it can be hidden.

You, or maybe your computer manufacturer, may have done this to keep your desktop a little cleaner. It's perfectly fine if it's out of the way, but of course that makes it harder to use.

To show the recycle bin again if it's hidden:

when you seeNoticons on your desktop, you must enable all desktop icons. To do this, right-click on the desktop and go toSee>Show desktop icons.

Windows 11 and Windows 10

Open mindedDesktop Icon Settingsbythe settings>personalization>subjectsand thenDesktop Icon Settings(located underRelated settings). To verifywaste paper binand then chooseOK.

How to Restore Deleted Files from Recycle Bin (9)

Locate Settings by right-clicking or tapping and holding the Start button.

Windows 8

Open the Control Paneland searchShow or hide common desktop icons. Select this link from the results and check itwaste paper binand then chooseOK.

Windows 7 and Vista

Right-click anywhere on the desktop and selectPersonalize. SelectChange desktop iconsTo the left. To verifywaste paper binand then chooseOK.

Windows XP

There is no built-in ability to hide the Recycle Bin in Windows XP, but it is possible through a program calledOptimize the user interface. If you're using Windows XP but don't see the Recycle Bin, it's probably because this program was used to hide it, which you can also use to "reveal" it.

If you prefer the Recycle Bin not to be on your desktop, you can also access it by searching forwaste paper binvia Cortana (Windows 10) or the search bar (most other versions of Windows) and then open the program when it appears in the list of results.

You can also start the recycle bin by running itIniciar Shell:RecycleBinFolderno prompt ouShell:RecycleBinFolderin the Run dialog box, but these methods are probably only useful in the rarest of cases. On some versions of WindowsSecretary.cpl ,5it works too.

How to prevent Windows from deleting files immediately

If you find yourself recovering files from the Recycle Bin more often than you should, your computer may be set up to do soNotask for confirmation when deleting files.

For example, if you delete a file in Windows 11 and it immediately goes to the recycle bin without asking if you really want to delete it, you might want to change that to give it a chance to say soNotif you accidentally delete a file or folder.

To do this, right-click or tap and hold the trash can icon and select itcharacteristics. If there is an option calledShow delete confirmation dialog box, make sure the box is checked and you will be asked if you really want to remove all deleted files and folders.

How to Restore Deleted Files from Recycle Bin (10)

If Windows immediately deletes files despite the confirmation dialog being activated, check the other setting directly above it. If you activate itDo not move files to the Recycle Binoption, the files bypass the recycle bin completely. That means you never have to empty it to free up space, but it also means you can't restore something from the Recycle Bin if you change your mind about keeping it.

Tome nota docustom formatAdjustment to make sure it's not too small. If this is the case, Windows will "permanently" delete the files when the Recycle Bin runs out of space.

How to remove the Recycle Bin from a Windows desktop

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to change the recycle bin icon in windows 11?

    Right click on the desktop > selectPersonalize>subjects. I go toRelated settingsSection > selectDesktop Icon Settings> selectwaste paper binSymbol >Change icon.

  • How do I change the size of the Recycle Bin in Windows?

    Right-click the Recycle Bin on your desktop and selectcharacteristics, and select the appropriate drive. UnderSelected location settings, Selectcustom formatand enter the maximum space you want to allocate to the Recycle Bin.

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