Definition of approval by government agencies | legal inside information (2023)

  • government approvalmeans any authorization, consent, approval, waiver, exception, variation, order, waiver, publication, filing, declaration, grant, concession, franchise, agreement, permit, permit or license of, from or with any Government Authority, notice of delivery to, or registration with, any Government Authority or any other action in connection with any Government Authority.

  • governmental agenciesmeans any court, agency, authority, board (including, without limitation, environmental protection, planning and zoning), department, commission, department, office, or agency of any nature of any governmental or quasi-governmental unit of the United States or any State or any county or political subdivision of any of the foregoing, now or hereafter existing, having jurisdiction over Renter or any Property, or any part thereof, or any Facility operated therein.

  • Government approvalsmeans all permits, licenses, authorizations, consents, authorizations, decrees, waivers, privileges, approvals, and filings with government agencies necessary for the development, construction, and operation of the Works.

  • government agencymeans Government of India, Government of Jharkhand or any state government or government department, commission, council, body, agency, agency, authority, instrumentality, court or other judicial or administrative body, whether central, state or local, having jurisdiction over Developer, the Project or any part thereof, or the performance of any or all of Developer's services or obligations under or in accordance with this Agreement.

  • government ordermeans any decision or administrative award, decree, injunction, sentence, order, decision or quasi-judicial award, decision or authorization of any arbitrator, mediator, court, administrative agency or Government Authority.

  • government agencymeans any National Treasury Management Agency, the National Pension Reserve Fund Commission in its capacity as controller and administrator of the National Pension Reserve Fund, the Minister for Finance or any Minister or Department of the Government of Ireland;

  • authorized government agencymeans a regulatory body or a government agency, with jurisdiction over PJM, the PJM Marketplace, or any entity that does business in the PJM Marketplace, including, without limitation, the Commission, state Commissions, and state and federal attorneys general.

  • Government authorizationsmeans all permits, licenses, approvals, consents, and authorizations necessary to comply with all Legal Requirements, including, without limitation, [i] zoning permits, variances, exceptions, special use permits, conditional use permits, and consents; [ii] the permits, licenses, provider agreements, and approvals necessary to license and operate each Facility in accordance with its respective Uses of Facilities and certified as a provider under the federal Medicare and state Medicaid programs; [iii] environmental, ecological, coastal, swampy, aerial and aquatic authorizations, licenses and consents; [iv] permits, licenses, approvals and consents for curb cutting, allotment, land use and planning; [v] construction, signing, fire, health and safety permits, licenses, approvals and consents; and [vi] architectural reviews, approvals and consents required under restrictive clauses.

  • Government entitymeans (a) any federal, state, provincial or similar government, and any body, council, department, commission, court, tribunal, authority, agency or other body of such government or otherwise exercising executive, legislative, judicial functions, administrative or regulatory functions of said government or (b) any other government entity having jurisdiction over any matter contemplated in the Operating Agreements or related to the observance or fulfillment of the obligations of any of the parties to the Operating Agreements.

  • Government entitiesmeans collectively, the United States of America or any other nation, any state or other political subdivision thereof, or any entity exercising executive, legislative, judicial, regulatory or administrative functions of government, including any court, in each case having jurisdiction over the company.

  • Required Regulatory Approvalsmeans all regulatory authorizations, consents, orders, or approvals (and the expiration or termination of all statutory waiting periods related thereto) (x) from the Federal Reserve Board and the OCC and (y) set forth in Sections 3.4 and 4.4 that are necessary to consummate the transactions contemplated in this Agreement, including the Merger and the Bank Merger, or those whose failure to carry out would reasonably be expected to have, individually or in the aggregate, a Substantial Adverse Effect on the Surviving Company.

  • Government Antitrust Authorityhas the meaning set forth in Section 5.09(b).

  • governmental authoritiesmeans, without limitation, all government departments and agencies responsible for the import and export of goods, the collection of revenue from the import and export of goods, and the transportation of those goods to include, without limitation, Customs, AQIS, ATO, and the RSA;

  • government programsmeans Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B and other risk-free government programs.

  • MAA approvalmeans the approval by the EMEA of a Marketing Authorization Application ("MAA") submitted to the EMEA for the Applicable Licensed Product in accordance with the centralized European procedure. If the EMEA centralized filing procedure is not used, MAA Approval will be obtained at the first Approval for the Licensed Product applicable in two of the following countries: France, Germany, Italy, Spain or the United Kingdom.

  • government schoolmeans a school established in accordance with section 5 of the Act for the purpose of providing courses of instruction in pre-school, primary or secondary education.

  • CPUC approvalmeans a final and unappealable order of the CPUC, without conditions or modifications unacceptable to the Parties, or either of them, containing the following terms:

  • Insurance Regulatory Authoritymeans, with respect to any Insurance Subsidiary, the insurance department or similar Government Authority in charge of regulating insurers or insurance holding companies, in its jurisdiction of domicile and, to the extent that it has regulatory authority over such Insurance Subsidiary , in every other jurisdiction in which said Insurance Subsidiary does business or is licensed to do business.

  • government authoritymeans any federal, state, provincial, municipal, municipal or legislative, administrative or regulatory, domestic or foreign governmental or quasi-governmental authority, agency, court, body or other entity having competent jurisdiction, including any supranational body.

  • Government Listmeans either of (i) the two lists maintained by the United States Department of Commerce (Denied Persons and Entities), (ii) the list maintained by the United States Department of Treasury (Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons), and (iii)) the two lists maintained by the United States Department of State (Terrorist Organizations and Excluded Parties).

  • government agreementhas the meaning given in Government Agreements Xxx 0000 (WA);

  • IRB approvalmeans the IRB's determination that the research has been reviewed and can be conducted at an institution within the limitations established by the IRB and other institutional and federal requirements.

  • government data barmeans the date established by the Bar Association for which the Proof of Claim of the Governmental Units must be presented.

  • government datameans any machine-readable information, document, media or material, regardless of its physical form or characteristics, that is created or obtained by the Government in the course of official Government business.

  • government companymeans any company in which not less than fifty-one percent. of the paid-up capital stock is owned by the Central Government, or by any State Government or Governments, or in part by the Central Government and in part by one or more State Governments, and includes an enterprise that is a subsidiary enterprise of such Government enterprise;

  • government actionmeans the action of a Government Authority, Administrator, Certification Authority or governing body of an Applicable Program to change the eligibility of a Product for an Applicable Program or materially alter the compliance requirements by persons required to comply with the Applicable Program that , in any case has a material adverse effect on the value of a Product that is the subject of a specific Transaction and includes a change in Applicable Law that disqualifies any particular Renewable Energy Installation (for Renewable Energy Sources, Initial Date of Operation or otherwise) or Product, which is the subject of an existing Applicable Program Transaction.

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