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CRS-Rechner (Comprehensive Ranking System) og Express Entry Eligibility Evaluator

CRS Point CalculatorThe Comprehensive Ranking System is the tool that helps predict immigrants' chances of being included in Immigration Canada's express entry pool.

Welcome to Roundworld Immigration's Free Express Entry CRS Calculator. Please take a moment to answer the following questions. Your predicted CRS score will be sent to you instantly. Do you have concerns about yours?CRS-score? Want to know what it takes to make it better? Check your current oneCRS-scorewith our FREE points calculator. Also find out how we can support you!

Use the Government of Canada's official CRS Score Calculator

In general, we recommend using the official oneCanada Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS)Tool: Qualified Immigrants (Express Entry) The official IRCC tool is updated regularly. And besides, it helps you calculate your CRS score more accurately.

Increase your CRS score

Once you have created your official IRCC Express Access profile, you may need to gradually improve your CRS score until you reach the minimum CRS score for a tie. Most importantly, read how to improve your Express Entry CRS Score - guidelines. Applicants report that this gives them valuable tips to improve their CRS score in a number of ways.

How to increase your Express Entry CRS score

Please read our researched post on how to improve your Canada Express Entry CRS score:

 Have you redeemed all your CRS points?
 If you have a sibling in Canada, you can increase your CRS points for Express Entry
 Use the assessment of your educational credentials to increase your Express Entry CRS points
 Language skills will help increase your CRS points for Express Entry
 Maximize your language points by retaking tests!
 Work experience helps increase your Express Entry CRS points
 Provincial nominated programs and CRS performance improvement
 How you as a couple can increase your CRS points
Keep a broad overview and expand your CRS point factors

Have you used the CRS Score Calculator and found that you do not have enough CRS Points or that your score is below the minimum CRS score for the last Express Entry Draws? The following factors can help you increase your CRS points:

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP): If a province selects you for a provincial nomination, you will receive an additional 600 points to your current CRS score. This will automatically give you an ITA in the following draw. Keep in mind that if you are granted permanent residence through a provincial nomination, the expectation is that you will live in that province.

What is the minimum CRS score for the Express Entry program?

There is no fixed minimum CRS value. The score changes according to the requirements of IRCC. You need an Invitation to Apply (ITA) from IRCC before you can become a permanent resident of Canada. To be eligible to apply, your CRS score must be at least the minimum score for a specific draw.

IRCC conducts Express Entry lotteries where candidates who achieve the required passing score will be issued an ITA for a Canada Permanent Visa. Priority will be given to senior candidates and candidates who have been in the Express Entry pool for a significant period of time. Once you have received an ITA, you have 60 days to submit your complete application to IRCC.

Each Express Entry candidate receives a CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) rating based on their profile. A candidate's score depends on a number of factors such as age, language skills, level of education, work experience and others. IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, etc.) This score is used to assess the eligibility of all Canada Permanent Residence (PR) Visa candidates.

Canada Express Entry CRS Score Calculator: Calculate your placement score in the Express Entry pool. CRS for Canada is a unique tool that helps estimate the comprehensive ranking system score Express-Express Immigration System. Anyone who is eligible for one of the Express Entry programs or has not yet enrolled in the Express Entry Scheme can use this tool to estimate their costs. Additionally, this tool can also be used if someone is already enrolled in Canadian PR has applied but would like to make changes to their profile regarding the factors that can improve their score.

Roundworld Immigration is pleased to offer a free Express Entry CRS Calculator. We ask you to answer a few questions. You will immediately receive an estimate of the CRS score.

what isCRS calculator?

CRS calculatorBased on the answers you give, this tool calculates yourComprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. In the Express Entry pool, we useCRSto rank and evaluate your profile based on points. This assesses skills. Education.

If you are looking for a way:

At least one Express Entry program is open to you and you have not yet completed an Express Entry profile but would like to confirm what you are doingComprehensive Ranking System (CRS)The score would be if you did.


You have been invited to apply for permanent residence and want to see if a change to your profile might affect your CRS score.

Make sure your CRS score is higher than the minimum score required for your invitation round.

What is the Express Entry program?

Express Access Programis Canada's new immigration system, introduced in 2015. Thisnew and expanded immigration programhas a less tedious application process and promises faster processing times compared to Canada's traditional immigration programs. You can use the CRS points calculator to determine your eligibility.

Established by the Canadian federal government in partnership with all provincial governments, this program provides national and state candidate immigration for all Canadian states.

Candidates can apply for the Express Entry program or toProvincial Nominee Program (PNP)a Canadian province.

The purpose of this program is to provide immigration opportunitiesqualified and skilled workforcewho not only meet the demands of the labor market, but also work diligently to contribute to Canada's economic growth and contribute to the prosperity of the local economy in the Canadian provinces.

The Express Entry program has been recognized worldwide for its effectiveness in selecting suitable candidates in a timely manner.

It is a fair and objective method that evaluates and screens only the best candidates for immigration to Canada.

All applications are processed within 6 to 8 months, making the Express Entry program a highly sought after programCanada's immigration program.

What is CRS Score?

CRS stands for Comprehensive Ranking System. It is an intelligent system designed to shortlist the most candidatessuitable candidates from all applicantsof the Express Entry program.

The CRS system helps assign points to each applicant based on their personal and professional details such as age, education, experience, language skills, adaptability in Canada, evidence of funding, etc.

Candidates are then ranked in descending order of their CRS score and only the highest scoring candidates are selected for the Express Entry Pool.

In a quick draw, a few candidates from the nominated pool will be invited and an email will then be sent to themInvitation to Apply (ITA)for permanent residence in Canada.

I amThe last Fast Entry draw was conducted on February 20, 2019At least 3350 candidates with a minimum CRS score of 457 were selected to immigrate to Canada.

What are the CRS Score eligibility criteria?

CRS is a highly reliable selection process for selecting highly qualified and skilled candidates for relocation and permanent residence in Canada.

The CRS Score Calculator provides all aspirants with an estimate of their CRS score and helps them understand their eligibility for the Express Entry or PNP programs.

Below you will find a detailed list of the eligibility criteria:

  1. Age - All candidates between the ages of 18 and 50 are welcome in Canada. However, candidates between the ages of 25 and 35 achieve higher CRS scores than candidates from the other age groups.
  2. Language skills - English and French are the two official languages ​​of Canada. while you areGood English skills/French is required, but proficiency in both languages ​​gives the applicant additional credits.IELTS resultsis accepted as proof of thisEnglish skills in Canada.
  3. Education - Applicants with a master's or doctoral degree will be preferred over applicants with a bachelor's or diploma. Also candidates with higher scores and degrees from prestigious universities get more points than the others. An ECA is also required for candidates who have completed their education at universities or educational institutions outside of Canada.
  4. Experience - It is an advantage if the candidate has at least one year of full-time work experience in their field of study. Canada does not consider work experience older than 10 years relevant. Candidates with the most recent work experience thus receive more points in the CRS score.
  5. Adaptability - Canada will award more points to candidates who have either completed their studies in Canada, have previous work experience in Canada or have a degreeFamily member (spouse, parent, sibling, etc.)You already live in Canada, as each of these factors increases the candidate's adaptability to Canada.

Candidates can either apply to the Express Entry Program or apply directly to a Canadian province's Provincial Nominee Program. Based on their skills and CRS results, candidates will have their eligibility confirmed by IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) and the other Canadian immigration authorities.

What is the CRS Point Calculator?

The CRS score for a candidate is calculated by summing the candidate's "core" and "extra" points. Overall, the candidate can obtain a maximum of 1200 CRS points. Below is a brief description of the same:

Core Points – Maximum 600 CRS points

  1. skills and expertise
  2. husband or partner
  3. Ability to transfer skills
  4. Canadian degree or diploma
  5. A valid job offer
  6. A provincial nomination from a Canadian province
  7. A close family member who is already resident in Canada and has a Canadian PR
  8. Good knowledge of French

Extra point – Maximum 600 CRS points

Crs score calculator allows you to calculate the total score by adding the points from core and additional selection parameters. The higher the score, the better the candidate's chances of being selectedImmigration til Canada.

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How can we help you?

Absolutely and!

We are a team of knowledgeable and experienced immigration consultants who have helped many applicants move to Canada.

We have immense knowledge and know all the formalities and even the hidden subtleties of the application process.

Whether you are applying through a Canadian province for a nomination or want to be selected for the Express Entry program, we are here to provide timely and professional assistance at every step.

We help you clarifyIELTS exam,Complete the online application, collect all relevant documents and also prepare for the interviews. Our support doesn't end there, we have our team in Canada ready to help you as soon as you land on Canadian soil.

If you are considering moving to Canada, we are here to help. Contact us today!


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