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Tier 1 companies

Clyde & Co

Clyde & Corecently merged with BLM and acquired a Southampton-based practice consisting of 'first-rate individuals who understand catastrophic intellectual property.'include key namesAndre Hibbert,Joe WakefordeClara Garnett, which has a niche championing horse and cattle cases. Other key names includeStephanie AtkinsoneGemma Parker.

Practice head(s):

Andre Hibbert; Joe Wakeford; Clara Garnett

Other important lawyers:

André Oeste; Stephanie Atkinson; Gus Peake; Gemma Parker; Sheryl Gearing


'Andrew Hibbert - a highly respected and collaborative attorney with extensive IP disaster experience. Gus Peake - an extremely capable and charming operator.

'Joe Wakefield - smart, experienced and pragmatic. A keen eye for detail and fantastic interpersonal skills.'

“I especially appreciate Clare Garnett and Andrew Hibbert. I use them all the time as they are very knowledgeable on everything from minor RTAs to the most serious cases including work injuries, pet shops and so on.'

"Claire Collins, Clare Garnett and Andy Hibbert. All three in particular have consistently provided exemplary and consistent quality of legal advice and handling of the highest value IP cases. Everyone was involved in significant cases in 2021, particularly resulting in excellent deals and savings.'

'High quality prosecution team with excellent and courageous lawyers who demonstrate common sense.'

“Clare Garnett is a stoic trial attorney who knows when to fight cases and when to settle them. She is always ready to go to court in the right case and supports her lawyer in the decision-making process. She is a real team player.”

‘A market leading team, at the top of their game. You have a very no-nonsense approach to disastrous IP litigation, my specialty.'

“Andrew Hibbert – the outstanding partner for me. At the forefront of consensual litigation long before it became fashionable. Has a deep understanding of the issues faced by complainants and what is required to reach an agreement in a complex case.'

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Allianz Plc

ERS Claims

Hastings direct

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world market



DAC Beachcroft LLP

DAC Beachcroft LLPThe healthcare reputation is well established and highly regarded - the practice is known as "an excellent company that provides a first class service to defendants. The Winchester-based clinical risk team is led byHeather Durston-Hillyer, Who has 'a deep understanding of the industry and first-class judgement.Anthea Lanedefends claims of clinical negligence on behalf of the NHS and private advocacy groups.

Practice head(s):

Heather Durston-Hillyer

Other important lawyers:

Anthea Lane


‘Very strong team from top to bottom with years of experience and significant knowledge of the complex market. This team works well with and enhances the national clinical negligence group within the company

‘Leaders with great judgment who train and mentor a team that reflects their attention to detail. Never messy and always neat and meticulous.”

'An excellent company providing a first class service to defendants.'

‘Heather Durston-Hillyer has a deep understanding of the industry. She has excellent judgment. It shows great attention to detail.”

‘Consistently good and clear advice. Proven flexibility in remote work over the last few years.'

'Accessible and consistently good and clear legal advice'

“DAC Beachcroft's greatest strength is his knowledge of the healthcare industry. The corporate culture is that of a friendly, approachable and professional company that offers a very high standard of service.'

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NHS resolution

Medical Defense Union

Trust der University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation

Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

HCA International

Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust

University Hospitals Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust

work highlights

  • Representing the prevailing defendants, indemnified by the Sindicato da Defesa Odontológica, in the judgment of a dental negligence lawsuit involving soft tissue injuries, lawsuits that are small in value but are increasing in scope and for which the client was important to obtain a favorable judgment.
  • Representing NHS Resolution and University Hospitals Southampton NHSFT at mid-trial in a high-value spinal surgery claim, after obtaining concessions from the Claimant's specialist under cross-examination.
  • Acted on behalf of the NHS Resolution for the Defendant Trust in the RXL –v- Oxford University Hospitals NHSFT in a sentencing decision notified to the defendant relating to adverse costs following the delay in accepting a Part 36 offer.

Gordons Partnership 2020 Limited

Gordon's Partnership LLPThe Guildford team is co-led byKarl Atkins, which advises on a range of matters, including catastrophic injuries, andIan Pickeringwho worked as a supervisor.Alison Hardendeals with cases involving injuries, including birth injuries, brain injuries and spinal injuries. They are assisted by clinical negligence expertsCarla ApplegateeSuzie McCluney.

Practice head(s):

Charles Atkins; Ian Pickering

Other important lawyers:

Alison Harden; Carla Applegate; Suzie McCluney


'Very polite and organized. With a good tactical sense.”

'Charles Atkins is particularly strong, but everyone in the company is very efficient and picks up quickly.'

‘Gordons staff are very hard working and always on top of their cases. It is a pleasure to work with them.”

Iain Pickering works hard to get the best outcome for his client but he will be sensible and pragmatic to get there.'

'A world-class team that best defends GPs and private practitioners against medical malpractice claims.'

“Iain Pickering is tough as nails and never misses an opportunity to his client's advantage. Alison Harden brings a wealth of experience and common sense with an empathetic and client-friendly manner. Charles Atkins has excellent judgment, communicates well and always ensures a good outcome for his client.'

'Because of their experience in the field of clinical malpractice, they provide their clients with sound, pragmatic advice while remaining extremely sensitive to the physicians they deal with.'

‘Charles Atkins is a very reassuring presence and has excellent rapport with specialists and doctors. His medical knowledge is tremendous and he always pays attention to details.”

'Charles Atkins is a very safe pair of hands - good judgement, good strategy and excellent client knowledge'

'Iain Pickering - cool, calm and adamant in defending healthcare professionals.'

'Charles Atkins - a very personable, first class tactical thinker, fully understands the nuances of this highly technical area.'


Kennedysadvises on complex, high value matters with clients that include large health insurers, brokers and government agencies. The team is described as "simply superior to all others in terms of innovation'and is praised for adding value to customers.Executive PartnerJennifer Harrisheads and collaborates with the Chelmsford-based practiceRichard Westen, who heads the departmental responsibility, whileJoy Middletondeals with multipronged works ranging from quadriplegia, amputation, brain injuries and fatalities.Kathrin Oldfieldspecializes in the public sector and liability defense.

Practice head(s):

Jennifer Harris

Other important lawyers:

Ricardo West; Joy Middleton; Catherine Oldfield


“The Kennedys, which remain at the top of the tree for the accused PI, are simply superior to anyone else when it comes to innovation. Of course, they handle claims processing and case resolution for their insurers. But they also offer a lot of added value. Its leaders have a vision to see what insurers need and want to move into the future and routinely outperform their competitors.'

'At the forefront of innovation, the team offers efficiency, excellent legal experience and impressive industry knowledge.'

'Mark Burton is a first-rate attorney who demonstrates tactical excellence and legal acumen that make him an attorney of choice for defendants.'

'Richard West - outstanding customer service skills, impressive industry knowledge and a leader in legal innovation to improve customer service.'

“Kennedy's is an excellent personal injury practice in Chelmsford. They are extremely popular with customers and have excellent, first class professionals.'

“Richard West is something of a superstar on the pitch. He started locally in Essex and is now one of the key liability players for the Kennedys.

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Stannah Elevator Services

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International Sopo

Tier 2 companies


GROWSpecializing in catastrophic and serious injuries - the team is commended for their performance'excellent, timely and cost-effective litigation resolution'. The practice is run byStuart Giddings('really nice to see the big picture in one case'),Ö 'conscientious and pragmaticRachel Coombs,Michael RenshaweSarah Parkerwho have particular experience in handling complex claims involving severe brain injuries, fatal accidents and chronic pain. The practice includes a number of strong senior associates, includingHelena MeistereElspeth Fenton.

Practice head(s):

Stuart Giddings; Rachel Coombs; SaraParker; Michael Renshaw

Other important lawyers:

Helena Campeã; Elspeth Fenton


“DWF serves the needs of some of the largest insurers in the country. Strength in the deep is now something to be proud of.'

"Sarah Parker and Rachel Coombs have added another layer of experience at Southampton."

“Great disastrous injury experience”

“DWF has the trick of getting bigger without compromising. They present their cases properly and employ lawyers who are knowledgeable in their field.'

'Steve King is extremely knowledgeable and calm.'

“The team strives to achieve the best outcome for its insurance clients. You pay attention to details, but don't get lost in them and keep an eye on the big picture. You are pragmatic and achieve excellent timely and cost-effective resolutions in litigation.'

‘Rachel Coombs is technically very competent, conscientious and pragmatic. She is competently assisted by Elspeth Fenton, who always keeps an eye on all the details of the case. Stuart Giddings is very good at seeing the bigger picture of a box.'

’ ‘A brilliant team of excellent legal minds and a wide range of skills and experience. One of my favorite teams to work on.'

'Rachel Coombs is a fantastic attorney who combines sharp legal skills with business judgment and a good heart.'

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work highlights

  • Advised LV on many of his major motor defects related to brain or spinal injuries.
  • Representing Aviva's Serious Personal Injury team in cases of greatest value.

Keoghs LLP

The team ofreally experts, experienced lawyers'she'Keoghs LLPThe Southampton office focuses on catastrophic injuries and major damage cases and deals with a range of complex issues.Matthew PerkinsIt is a 'Absolutely first class partner trusted by all the major insurance companies he works for.. Ö 'cool and collected' Matthäus Burfieldspecializes in third party liability and motor third party liability claims covering death and major claims.Emily Eastwoodwas promoted to partner in 2021 - she is commended for handling military claims.

Practice head(s):

Matthew Perkins

Other important lawyers:

Matthew Burfield; Paul Baxter; ben smoker; Emily Eastwood; Laura reminder; Andrew Williamson


"A collection of great individuals that I see helping and encouraging each other. Only really talented lawyers."

“Matt Perkins – a top attorney for handling really high value claims; builds trust with clients and attorneys.'

'Matthew Burfield - cool and collected and great dealing with experts and personalities.'

'Excellent defendant/personal injury insurance practice. They have a team of really specialized and experienced lawyers. Associates and Senior Associates work closely on cases with partners (they are not left to their own devices like some companies) and therefore learn quickly and gain great experience in more serious work.'

'Matthew Perkins - a very experienced and absolutely first class partner who is trusted by all the major insurers he works for and is skilled and perceptive enough to look pragmatically, tactically and strategically at a case early in life.'

“Emily Eastwood is a rising star on the team. Hardworking, sensible and very pleasant to work with. She carefully considers the details of the cases, but also sees the big picture of the cases and how they are likely to be solved. She's a very safe pair of hands.'

"Emily Eastwood, an aspiring attorney who is very knowledgeable about military claims."

'Andrew Williamson - down to earth, hard worker, gets the job done.'

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for sure

Auto Insurance Office






Law of the plexus

Law of the plexusThe Chelmsford-based practice is led byAndre Caplan, which specializes in representing high-profile individuals, charities and organizations facing sensitive allegations.Thomas Lumleyis known for its customer service skills whileAngela Hanmoreis praised by herExperience defending high profile claims in the railway sector, his in-depth knowledge of railway legislation as well as how the industry itself works.'

Practice head(s):

Andre Caplan

Other important lawyers:

Thom Lumley; Ângela Hanmore


“We have worked with Plexus for a number of years as they are represented on our underwriting board. The team we deal with always goes out of their way to help and defend any claims that are made against the company.

“Thom Lumley is always happy to help.When Thom feels a claim has little chance of being defended, he always lays out a clear set of options to ensure we, the customer, receive the best service.

“The Plexus Chelmsford casualty team is highly rated by our department. There is a good mix of experience in the team. Effective oversight is evident as the experienced partners have clearly passed their unique approach to complex cases to the counsel/counsel dealing with less important matters on a day-to-day basis.'

“Angela Hanmore is an astute strategist on the most delicate and momentous of cases. Her approach is very individual and you can count on her to deliver results when you need them. Highly recommended.'

“It's the people on the team that make them unique. I believe her strength lies in her meticulousness, honesty and knowledge. Whenever we hire them to represent our interests, I always know we are in good hands.”

'Thom Lumley went above and beyond to build a good working relationship with me and my client.'

“Part of what makes this practice team unique is their ability to provide legal advice based on in-depth industry knowledge. In our case, the team I worked with has in-depth knowledge of the transport sector and the legal/regulatory framework that supports it, making the advocacy work developed for us crucial. In addition to being relevant to the preparation of our defense, this knowledge has enabled Plexus to provide a number of invaluable recommendations in terms of experienced attorneys and witnesses.'

work highlights

  • Representing a nationwide security contractor over suspected criminal acts that resulted in serious and life-changing injuries to a pub patron.
  • Depicted defense against vibration-induced carpal tunnel action routed after alleged historical exposure to vibration.

Taxowans LLP

Taxowans LLPhandles a wide range of claims, including animal liability claims, traffic accidents and public liability claims. The Southampton-based practice is led by AdvocateKelvin Farmaner- he is praised for his 'Ability to solve complex cases quickly'.Bethany Blamirefocuses on defending motor vehicle claims while also handling employer and civil liability claims - she is known for 'consistently ensure excellent outcomes for insurance customers'.Ferhat Chowdhuryis another important name on the team.

Practice head(s):

Kelvin Farmaner

Other important lawyers:

Bethany Blamire; Ferhat Chowdri


“Whenever the Trethowans team is on a case, their sole focus is on getting the best outcome for the client without the case getting sidetracked or bogged down. Whether they are dealing with a simple case or a complex cross-border dispute, they are focused and strategic from the start.'

'Kelvin Farmaner handles a wide range of insurance claims on both the plaintiff and defendant side. He's a real pragmatist who doesn't tolerate fools, and clients appreciate his ability to solve complex cases quickly.'

‘The team works together efficiently. The administrative support team is knowledgeable and competent.'

'Kelvin Farmaner has been our primary point of contact for many years and has always handled our cases quickly and effectively.'

'All key team members have extensive experience in a broad spectrum of personal injury and related litigation, including high claims and catastrophic injuries, foreign element claims and expense issues. A strength that cannot be found in any other company is the continuity of casework, as the team works well together and has low staff turnover. The company welcomed the increased use of technology recently prompted by the pandemic to ensure cases progress quickly and efficiently.'

'Bethany Blamire is unrivaled in her organization, planning and tactical case management; it sets the pace of litigation in such a way that it never tries to catch up.'

“Because of his rich experience as a trial attorney and attorney, Kelvin Farmaner is not engaged in a caseload that includes complex, high-quality cases in the Superior Court. He is quick to distinguish between battles worth fighting and issues that need to be resolved through a more tactical or constructive approach in the interests of the client.'

'Kelvin Farmaner's extensive experience and knowledge of the relevant legislation and how it affects our business has been invaluable.'

main customers

Van Ameyde UK Ltd

Cornish Mutual Assurance Co Ltd

group further


Saint Gobain Building Distributor Ltd.

Appleby Westward Group Ltd

Flyct B.V

Jews Ltd

Agricultural and General Insurance Company

sure bow

work highlights

  • Advising a Lithuanian insurer through its UK claims management agent, Van Ameyde UK.
  • Representing a Dutch insurance company in connection with an accident in the Netherlands where a vehicle collided with a pedestrian.
  • We were acting on behalf of Cornish Mutual in connection with an accident at a construction site. We worked with them in support of their member and prepared and presented a solid defense that resulted in the claimant dropping the claim.
Tier 3 companies

Mayo Wynne Baxter LLP

Mayo Wynne Baxter LLPhandles personal injury claims for local authorities, emergency services and utilities. The Brighton based team is led byLee Hills, who is also an expert in travel matters; Recent work has included IP allegations related to food poisoning, road accidents and holiday crashes

Practice head(s):

Lee Hills

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