25 of the best agency websites (2023)

Do you run a digital or creative agency? If you're an agency owner looking for inspiration to design or redesign your website, check out some of the best agency websites from around the world.

What makes these design agency websites stand out?

We start our list with some recommendations from trusted business partners and friends. But it's easy to see that the websites of these agencies have something in common. They stand out for the decisions these companies make. And some of their features are bold and unique, but you can also spot some common traits that make these sites awesome.

So let's see what they are.

showing personality

Does your website tell your ideal audience who you are? And what is it like to work with you? Showing your personality through your website is a great way to encourage your ideal customers to choose you over your competitors. Because? Because your brand personality is unique to you and your business and immediately tells your potential customers whether it's a good fit for them or not.

Showing your best work

Show off those projects that you and your team are super proud of! Always include a portfolio that indicates the type of work you excel at and want to do more of. You'll see that many of the agency websites on this list feature some of their projects on their homepage. And that's a great idea because you don't want your audience to work hard to figure out what you can do!

Make your site easy to navigate

You use the Internet, so you know how it is. We are always in a hurry, we have no patience and we want information.right now🇧🇷 So make your site easy to navigate and key information easy to find. If your menus are complicated and your website is confusing, how can you sell your expertise and creativity? You'll find that many of the agency websites on this list have a simple, clean, and minimal look. It's the right choice!

Includes interactive features

Whether you're a creative agency (including digital and design) or a branding agency, use your website to show potential clients exactly what you can do. Many of the sites on this list include engaging videos, animations and other interactive features. If it's part of your brand, if that's what you can help your customers do, put it on your website!

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including important information

If you want to "get it right" with your agency's website, try to find the right balance between awesome and key features. training. Enticing your users with fabulous animations and tricks that showcase your ideas and originality is a must. But be sure to include the details your ideal clients need to know if you're the right business for them. In other words, keep your message simple but super clear!

Make it mobile friendly

In the modern day, this should be taken for granted. But to not get stuck, remember to make sure your agency website is user-friendly, fully accessible and responsive. Most people check out websites on the go on mobile and tablet devices, so make sure they look good on a smaller screen too.

So, are you ready to check out some of the best agency websites we've curated for you?

In alphabetical order, here they are!

Our top marketing sites and digital agencies


Consult advertising agencyParkerfor a website built with stunning and unusual graphics. The words on the page are sparse, and their bold images on bright, solid background colors do most of the talking. Plus you get a real visual scrolling experience!

25 of the best agency websites (1)


When it comes to strong messaging and personality, the California-based agencyAnimalis a great example of how to do it right. At first, you might notice the characters' unique graphics and animations. But when you read the copy, you certainly get a real sense of who they are and what they're about.

25 of the best agency websites (2)

In addition to

In addition tois a design and technology agency that creates world-class products for the digital age. They have a simple but colorful and attractive website that lets you know that their main focus is on design. Plus, the bold and colorful geometric shapes on their homepage tell you everything you need to know about the type of work they do.

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25 of the best agency websites (3)


digital innovation agencyBlueberry“Prototyping, designing and building custom apps and websites to drive client growth.” Their website is mostly black and white with bold and clear fonts that convey a clear and simple message. They don't use a lot of words on their pages, but the content certainly does the job. They also use reliableaccommodation agency, therefore, your claims match the billing.

25 of the best agency websites (4)


Berlin-based web design agencyPalestands out for its brand. They use an explanatory video on the homepage to show what they do, and the website design is bright, cheerful and fun. Plus, the range of friendly colors gives it a real modern feel. You'll notice that their site is mostly focused on a single page with an extremely minimalist menu. And this choice is unique in itself.

25 of the best agency websites (5)

Cemtrex Laboratories

Another agency with an attractive web design isCemtrex Laboratory🇧🇷 They also use video animations on their homepage to give us an idea of ​​the work they do. They call themselves a creative technology lab and focus on user-centered design, digital engineering, and web and mobile development. That's why its homepage talks about "revolutionary digital experiences". And its graphics and videos definitely back it up.

25 of the best agency websites (6)

Christopher Doyle and company

"Minimalist and bold" sums up the Sydney-based creative agency's design choicesChristopher Doyle and company🇧🇷 They specialize in brand identity, creative direction and digital design and certainly know how to use your website to stand out. Just take a look at yourwhat we don't dopage to get an idea of ​​how they attract the type of clients they want to work with.

25 of the best agency websites (7)


Go to their website andClaysays exactly who they are: "a UI/UX design and branding agency in San Francisco". Their website stands out for its clean, minimalist look and interesting use of animations that explain what they do, but also show the kind of work you can expect from them.

25 of the best agency websites (8)

creative elk

creative elkis a boutique graphic design studio in Geelong, Victoria. They sell “exceptional and creative branding, logo design and web design services” through a website with a distinct and unique style, bold and contrasting colors and great copy.

25 of the best agency websites (9)

mono exo

Check mono exo- a "digital design agency that creates immersive experiences that inspire, affect and delight in a digital-first world". They're all about branding and digital innovation, and the website's sleek, minimalist design really sets them apart.

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25 of the best agency websites (10)


For a totally unique experience, turn to the international digital agencyLike🇧🇷 With locations in New York, San Francisco and London, they showcase their extensive portfolio and experience with eye-catching web design. Using eye-catching videos, bold colors (black, white and red) and a clear menu that explains what they do, they definitely present themselves as market leaders in their industry.

25 of the best agency websites (11)

Flight Route

creative agencyFlight Routeit's about "digital inventiveness" and "real business value creation." Its homepage is filled with eye-catching videos and animations, and the overall design of the site is clean and minimalistic. Their creativity seeps into web pages – check it out.

25 of the best agency websites (12)

Central office

Enjoy a splash of color and a retro feel with theCentral officewebsite. It is designed to look like a (very yellow and very old) version of your desktop. You can drag the icons across the screen and double-click to access your services and portfolio. They are a small UK-based agency for designers, developers and writers. They sell in-house digital publishing and creative services and have done a brilliant job of creating a unique look and feel for their website.

25 of the best agency websites (13)


Australia based agencyHuman“turns ideas into extraordinary products and digital experiences”. On their website, they adopt a clean, minimalist, black and white look and choose to display information in an easy-to-absorb way. take a look at herAbout to pagefor a splash of color and a stunning example of how to add personality to your website.

25 of the best agency websites (14)

Jose Marcos

digital product studioJose MarcosHe's known for great work, a fantastic team, and big, bold ideas. The site's striking, minimalist design speaks for itself. Its mission is “to design, develop and launch digital products that change the way we work, play and connect”.

25 of the best agency websites (15)


Another site that stands out for its branding and choice of colors is the digital agencyKota🇧🇷 They specialize in creative web design and development, branding and digital marketing. Just hover over your logo on the homepage and see what happens.

25 of the best agency websites (16)


Digital marketing agency based in JohannesburgThrowspecializes in helping clients increase revenue and profit through web design and development, SEO and PPC advertising, among other services. On their website, they opt for simple graphics to showcase the main features of each of their services. Its content is timely and easy to consume.

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25 of the best agency websites (17)


California based digital development and brand design agencylomodoes a great job of connecting your visual branding to your story and your copy. They help brands “reach new horizons”. And what better way to show what they do than using images based on astronauts, spaceships and rockets? Your own brand is fantastic!

25 of the best agency websites (18)

crazy river

independent creative agencycrazy riverhas been “making things happen since 2001”. Your website design is unique because it is inextricably linked to your brand and story, as is your copy. We read on its homepage that Mad River is "in touch with the landscapes we work in, always maintaining a sense of adventure", and you get a real sense of that throughout. Take a look at the beautiful images on their website.

25 of the best agency websites (19)

mikmak studio

Do you love animations? Meet the digital communication agency based in Francemikmak studio🇧🇷 They combine strong, bold background colors with 2D and 3D graphics and minimal copy. The result is an impressive website that stands out for all good reasons.

25 of the best agency websites (20)

mobile equipment

agency based in Berlinmobile equipmenttakes a different approach with the tagline on its homepage. Mouse over the colorful words "design", "development", "creative" and "Berlin" and images will appear on the screen. The website is unique and memorable and shows personality.

25 of the best agency websites (21)

that's it

Australia based agencythat's itworks with design, branding, digital, social and illustrations. They choose a shade of pink so soft and at the same time a design so bold that you can't look away. Using 3D graphics and animations, they feature their best work on their homepage. Just scroll down and take a look.

25 of the best agency websites (22)


OrangeYouGladis a creative agency based in New York. They offer strategic branding and marketing design, web and print design, and social media strategy and management. Her website stands out for its varied color illustrations, artwork, and patterns. Go and check out all her different looks!

25 of the best agency websites (23)

pound and grain

based in vancouverpound and grainuse the slogan “Original. Audacious. Independent,” and the site’s design communicates just that through its bold choice of images, fonts, and colors. Black, white and red seem to be a favorite with many creative agencies, but Pound & Grain really uses the whole experience to communicate a sense of emotion and action.

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25 of the best agency websites (24)


And last but not least, another agency that stands out from the crowd isWeberous🇧🇷 When you get to the home page, click the W to see what it's all about. The design choices they make on their website show that they really know what they're doing when it comes to branding, web design and marketing. And they do it with personality to spare: “We crack codes like dad jokes. It's just that no one is begging us to stop programming." Brilliant.

25 of the best agency websites (25)

Do you run a graphic or digital design agency?

If you run a graphic design agency and are looking for more inspiration to create or redesign your awesome website, check out our blog post:The best graphic design websites to inspire you to build your online portfolio.
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